Sleepless in Seattle

June 7, 2016
Washington — WOW! Just wow. SO much greenery, I’m obsessed and can’t wait for my next visit there. My boyfriend and I decided to take a trip out there for Sasquatch Music Festival for my 23rd birthday. Before driving out to the festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre. We stayed 2 nights in beautiful Seattle (which was not nearly enough time). It was such a lovely city. Something like if San Francisco and New York had a baby out of wedlock.

No matter if I’m traveling for 2 hours or for a day, I always make sure to pack one of my favorite books because it’s one of the very few times I get a chance to sit back, relax and catch up on some reading. I always always make sure to pack a hat as well (a sun hat, baseball cap, a beanie). Whether I’m going somewhere with warm weather or a colder climate. Hats are your best friends while traveling because they save you time on doing your hair and putting toward some sightseeing.




The infamous gum wall was interesting to see in person. Now I have to check out the one that’s 2 hours away from Santa Barbara in San Luis Obispo ‘Bubblegum Alley’ to compare.
BISCUIT BITCH, enough said.


As a die hard Dodger fan, I was only at a Brewer game to scope out the “competition.”




My favorite part of the trip (besides the food) definitely had to be the EMP museum. It was any music lovers grunge fairytale. However, if you plan on visiting here, plan to stay at least half a day in order to enjoy it and get through everything.


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