August 8, 2016
Squash enchiladas recipeOKAY so Lupo and I are always on random kicks to eat healthier and balance out our uncontrollable foodie ways but believe it or not, we come across delicious yet very healthy recipes. One of them I like to call Squashiladas. Growing up in a hispanic home, I pretty much learned to make enchiladas when I was like 5 and they have been my go to ever since. HOWEVER, they can be very addicting and all those tortillas can make you feel like you’re at a UCSB soccer game. Not to mention that it doesn’t make for a very nutritious meal. What if i told you there was a way you could have your enchiladas and eat them too, and also consume your vegetable intake.  Squashiladas are enchiladas that use squash in place of Tortillas. Now bare with me…



So first you want to buy some decent size squash since you will be stuffing them with your favorite meat. (note: we’ve made this with Zucchini too).


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Next, cut them in half long ways and start scooping with a spoon.


Once you have done that, sprinkle them with some salt and pepper.

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So we chose ground turkey to stuff our squash with but you can use chicken or ground beef, or just the squash insides if you’re vegetarian. You’ll mix your meat and the squash in and put in your favorite seasonings, above are a few of mine. You can also add other veggies and then you’ll want to mix in some of your go to enchilada sauce.



Once your stuffing is cooked you begin to stuff away.















Once they’re all stuffed, you’ll drizzle more sauce on top, lots and lots of cheddar cheese and some more sauce.


Pre heat the oven at 400 and wait about 20 mins.






Bring em out bring em out, add some garnish like cilantro and avocado and more some if you’d like ..enjoy!

Xo, Itzy.

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