Date Ideas – Valentine’s Day Edition

February 13, 2017

There’s so  much pressure to plan the perfect Valentine’s day date but you honestly don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect day with you significant other. Lupo and I do love to make the most of it because with our busy, fast paced lives, it’s easy to forget to set time for one another. So we came up with a recap of our favorite past dates that would make awesome V-Day dates.

Picnics are so easy because you don’t have to make reservations and if you’re indecisive on what to eat, you can have a little bit of everything. We did this last year at a park in Santa Barbara and took in some bubbly, fruit and South Coast Deli sandwiches! So. Good.

Dinner at home:
Perhaps, you and your significant other don’t cook as often as my boo and I do. Staying in and making a meal for one another or together is also a romantic idea! You can go all out and make a couple fancy courses from Pinterest and include my Scallops recipe, bake a pizza together, or just order Home Chef where you can pick one of their special meals and they will deliver you the ingredients and recipe. Pair it with some red wine, a good movie and you’re set.

Okay, (don’t tell my boy friend) and hopefully he doesn’t read my post until after I give him his gift. But I’ll be gifting him a staycation to a special place. This is a great gift because if you don’t live with your significant other, have kids or are overdue on a a little one on one the why not spend it at a trendy hotel or a cute little Airbnb? Maybe you live in LA but hate driving there. Well why not make it a weekend of it and visit all the hot brunch spots and hip bars?

If you’re music junkies like me, a concert is the ideal Valentine date for you. Last year, Lupo and I went to see Ashanti and Ja Rule at LA Live. Talk about thee perfect date to set the mood. If you’re in LA, you are bound to find a concert any night of the week. Otherwise, a pair of concert tickets make the most thoughtful gift. If crowds and spending money aren’t your thing, Ive made a Valentine’s playlist you and your boo can jam out to at home instead. Scroll to the bottom of my post for my V-Day playlist on Spotify and enjoy!

Wine/Beer Tasting:
Discretion: This one is for 21 & over readers only. is an easy one because who doesn’t like beer or wine! Breweries and wineries usually have snacks or food trucks or something so you can have dinner while sippin. Maybe mak

Couple’s Massage:
EVERYONE can use a good massage. So why not splurge a little on a massage for your lover and yourself? Or treat yourself and make it a spa day with mom or the girls.

For all you artsy folks, museums make the best dates! This one here is The Broad in LA and if you haven’t been yet, you definitely need to check it out. Maybe you can add it to your itinerary during your staycation.

Comedy Club:
If you’ve always wanted to go to a comedy show, but have never had a chance to, Valentine’s day is a perfect time to do so! You can go to a late night one with your boo and they usually have food & drinks, making it the perfect night out. Just don’t sit right at front if you don’t like being called out. Lol. Also, checking Groupon can sometimes save you some money on any of the ideas I provided.

Sporting Event:
Lupo is such a fan of these so we pretty much do this no mater what occasion it is. But if you don’t, I highlyyyyy suggest a Basketball (Laker) or Hockey (Kings game) your boy will appreciate it and if it’s an early game, you can get dinner somewhere nearby.

Outdoor Shooting Range:
This was one of my most favorite dates with Lupo. It was so exciting and obviously like nothing I’ve ever done before. If you love that adrenaline, then this is the date for you and I’m sure your s/o will be stoked. I definitely need to go back soon.

Road Trip:
This is so perfect for quality time with your boo. Road trips don’t have to be 5 hrs+ they can simply be to a new destination, to sight see and discover. On of my favorite trips was driving down the 1 alongside Big Sur on our way back from San Francisco.


Valentine’s gets us so excited because we love celebrating our love and with our busy scedules, it’s always hard to make a day all about us. This year we’re going to dinner and having a five. course. meal. So much for that diet right? Hope these ideas were helpful and you have a lovely night.

Don’t forget her Hot Cheetos and Roses boys 😉


Are you and your s/o or girl gang doing any of the above? Let me know in the comments below.


Here is the link to my Spotify playlist:

  1. Open by Rhye
  2. Break Apart by Bonobo ft. Rhye
  3. Soft Shock by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  4. Everlasting Light by Black Keys
  5. Fade Into You by Mazzy Star
  6. by Bon Iver
  7. Fantasy by Mariah Carey
  8. Mesmerize by Ashanti and Ja Rule
  9. Space Song by Beach House
  10. Case of You by James Blake
  11. After the Moment by Craft Spells
  12. Angels by the xx
  13. Baby Blue by King Krule
  14. Green Eyes by Coldplay
  15. Dead Sea by The Lumineers
  16. Best to You by Blood Orange
  17. I Love You, Honeybear by Father John Misty
  18. I Need My Girl by The National
  19. Love/Paranoia by Tame Impala
  20. Talamak by Toro y Moi
  21. Mine by Beyonce ft. Drake
  22. One Million Lovers by The Growlers
  23. Paradise by Wild Nothing
  24. Porno by Arcade Fire
  25. All Night by Beyonce
  26. Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon
  27. Without You by Lana Del Rey
  28. Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine
  29. Sun in The Morning by Future Islands
  30. Coffee by Miguel

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