Glossier Product Review

April 25, 2017

Sooo excited to share that I became a Glossier Rep last Month and I couldn’t be any more head over heels. So this means that I have goals to meet every month and I make a small commission off of the items you purchase via my link So I really appreciate it if you have shopped or are planning to shop here –>
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If you know me, you know that Glossier is one of my favorite beauty brands. I randomly stumbled upon it a couple years ago and fell in love ever since. The simplistic beauty of every single prouct made it s easy for me to prioritize skin care. Skin care is so important but its a bit difficult to get involved when you don’t know where to begin and there are so endless beauty brands  to choose from but what makes Glossier great is not only that it was created by the girl boss herself, Emily Weiss, but she created it with the philosophy of skin first makeup second and created both non-cruelty skin care and makeup lines with us in mind without all the complexity and rules of each product. I’m a fan of simple makeup and sometimes no makeup at all and Glossier is one of the rare products I’ve tried that has actually worked for me and made it easy to perfect the no makeup makeup look. They are incredibly easy to use and there’s something for everyone. I rave about them on my Instagram all the time but I thought I would break them down in mini review for you. 

Cloud Paint:
These little gems are a must buy! I was never much of a blush gal until I met these little beauties –they are just something else. The application is incredibly easy and it looks so natural too. They contain collagen (super cool right?) which leaves your skin look glowy and plump. They are sheer and buildable so it’s hard to accidentally apply too much, meaning you don’t have to be a makeup pro. It’s like finger painting. (I have a demo of me trying them on here). I always have trouble deciding which one to wear in the morning so it really depends on my mood but I do have to say Beam and Puff are my two favorites.
Beam: This color is probably the most subtle and natural in my opinion, on my skin tone. I think it’s the prettiest too b/c it can be mixed with the other colors and if you’re not into too much blush, this is the perfect one to begin with.
Dusk: This one is great to use for enhancing your cheek bones sort of like a contour gel so I like to use this one together with beam. A little definitely goes a long way so be careful when squeezing.
Puff: This color make you look flushed and flirty and it definitely brings life to my face for those days when I’m in a no makeup mood, this one is my go to.
Haze: This one is the most bold of all but still very natural. This blush gives you that fun and flushed look. Almost looks like I just got out of hot yoga & had a green juice for lunch!

Boy Brow:
If you’re not sure what to get, I always recommend starting off with Boy Brow. It’s a product that anyone can use, whether you wear makeup or not. I’m not sure what I did before this magic little tube before. I’ve always disliked my brows very much because they never came out even and were always unruly and could NEVER stay in place. It also comes in clear in case you don’t want them tinted. Although, it is a very light tint. Boy brow provides that fuller, natural brow look that you’ve always been envious of the models for.

Generation G:
My favorites (pictured here) have got to be Jam and Leo. Since my skin tone is a little darker these darker shades do well with my skin but I’m also a fan of cake and like for a much more light and subtle look. I love these because they’re sheer and matte and buildable so you can go for a light application or add more if you want a more bold look. They also prevent from moisture loss in your lips, which I love because most lipsticks leave my lips chapped after wearing it but Gen G doesn’t. These look gorgeous under the new Glossier Lip Gloss and your favorite flavor of Balm Dot Com.

Lip Gloss:
I don’t even know where to begin with this little beauty. It literally will take you back to middle school days and make you feel so pretty. It comes in this cute little pink packaging but goes on clear, moisturizes and plumps your lips. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Lip Gloss until I put this one on, I want to wear it all the time. It’s so amazing + it looks great with a Gen G lippie.

Balm Dot Com:
This amazing salve can be used for your lips, face, cuticles, whatever dry skin you’d like to nourish. I like to add it to my eyelids for that extra dewy look. +it comes in flavors too! It’s hard to pick my favorite but I would have to say either coconut or mint are my go tos. “For an instant mood lift, place opening of tube beneath nostrils and breathe deeply.”

Perfecting Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer:
I was never one to use too much foundation because I really dislike looking cakey but perfecting skin tint is the perfect sheerness your face needs to even our your skin tone and just leave it smooth and dewy. Pair it with stretch concealer and you are set for the day. I’ve always struggled finding a concealer that covers my dark circles without looking ridiculous. I use skin tint in dark and stretch concealer in medium because I like a little brighter under eye. But for someone who is trying to achieve that non makeup makeup look, you cannot go wrong with this duo!

I’m a highlight hoarder but I have never found the perfect one that leave a natural flattering dewy glow WITHOUT all the glitter and stuff like Haloscope in Quartz does. It also moisturizes & did I mention it has actual crystals in it?? Such a must! I like to apply it around each eye from my brow bone to cheek bone, inner eyelids, tip of my nose and right in the middle of the top of my upper lip (cupid’s bow) to enhance those features. I just tap it lightly with my fingertips to blend and viola!

Milk Jelly Cleanser:
Okay, so this is one of my favorite Glossier products (I know I say that about all of them) but I use Milk Jelly Cleanser religiously and has made a major difference to my face. We all know that having to wash your face is a struggle (at least for me) but after purchasing this little fella washing my face has actually been a VERY enjoyable that i look forward to it. It leaves my face feeling soft, and healthy + it’s safe to use on your eyes! It also includes rose water which makes it lightly scented.

Priming Moisturizer/ Priming Moisturizer Rich:
These little babies are the perfect staple for your skin care routine. I recently suffered from very dry skin so I switched my regular priming moisturizer to the priming moisturizer rich and boy, was that the best decision I ever made. It smells like lavender and just melts onto your face without clogging your pores or feeling greasy at all while still giving your face that extra moisture and leaving your with a perfectly primed face.

Mask Duo:
Mega Greens Galaxy Pack // Moisturizing Moon Mask
Name a better duo ..I’ll wait.
But really, I feel like there are so many masks out there but they just all have way too many instructions for me to deal with but these are so simple and work so many wonders for your skin. The mega greens is like food for your face. It detoxes all your face’s impurities while the moisturizing moon mask moisturizes your skin. I like to put the mega greens first for about 20 minutes and then rinse off and wear the moisturizing moon mask to bed. My face wakes up glowinggg.

The Super Pack:
These little babies are my holy grail. I can literally wake up in the morning and add these three and notice  such an incredible difference on my face. Each one has it’s own specific duty allowing them to work great on their own but together, they are just the ultimate skin care staple.
Super Pure is great for acne prone skin and to soothe redness.
Super Glow, as mentioned on my rep page, it’s literally the pretty snapchat filter in a little bottle. This is my go to if I’m really trying to make my face glow from within.
Super Bounce softens rough skin and I feel like also hydrates and leaves it feeling smooth and plump.

So I believe that about covers it! I can go on for days but don’t want to overwhelm you.

*Side note: You’ll be pleased to know that phase 1 & 2 went on sale drastically with Phase 1 almost being cut in half from $80 to 45 and Phase 2 from $50 to $40. These are both great starter kits if you’re at a complete loss with which items to get first, because let’s face it, they’re all amazing and you’ll probably end up with all of them on your top shelf at one point or another.

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Do you own any Glossier products? If so which are your favorite or least favorite? I’d love to hear all about it.


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