Grungy but Make it Summery

June 29, 2018

So glad to be collaborating with River Island again because they have the best closet essentials. One of them being, hats.  No matter the season or type of event, I’ve been a hat girl through and through. Not crazy about your outfit? Throw on a hat. Bad hair day? Throw on a hat. On a vacation? THROW ON A HAT. There’s just something so fun about being able to completely change up your style with just a hat! My obsession with my black fiddler hat that I first purchased about 3 years ago, is clearly real. You’ll know that if you’ve been following along for some time now. But what better way to add some edge or make even more appropriate for summer than purchasing a nude one. Sumer, nudes and hats, name a better trio. I’ll wait.

I think a hate definitely makes an outfit more casual and more themed. For example, here, without my hat I would’ve looked almost too edgy and the hat helped settle my look and tie it together. If you;re not feeling an outfit, I can assure you a hate will make all the difference.


ANy color, any style, playing with hats is a great wait to ecperiement with your personal style and revamp your wardrobe so next time you’re in the store, keep and eye out and try them on! You never know what will be your next favorite accessory,

A hat is an accessory that I can live without. What’s yours?

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