My Goals and Resolutions for 2019

January 12, 2019

Okay, so the new year is here and we’re all ready to make some changes or at least some minor adjustments to our life, right? Although, a little chessy, I find them to be so important to share and put out in the universe in order to make them happen. Write them down, have someone hold you accountable, practice them into reality.

1. Mindfulness

Okay, so this topic has been a reoccurring topic  in the last few months and even more so since I started going to yoga more often, listening to self-help podcasts, and attending professional development workshops at work. Mindfulness is focusing at what’s in front of you in that moment, and clearing your mind of anything else. I’ve started incorporating more mindfulness practices in my mornings and already seen a more state of peace and just more efficiency throughout the day. I am a constant over thinker, which leads to stress, anxiety, bad habits, and the list goes on. Without practicing mindfulness, I’m all scattered brained and end up just hopping from project to project without actually accomplishing anything. This year, I will embrace mindfulness, set intentions, increase my focus and learn to just breathe. It’s definitely a challenge but by using apps and workouts that incorporate meditation, it will get easier.

2. Timeliness

I struggle with being on time to places and I think a lot of it is because I put too much on my plate. So being realistic with my tasks and projects ties in nicely with this.  I;ve started waking up earlier to do the things I love and setting alarms and reminders for pretty much everything have also helped. Saying no is something I am practicing, whether it be to others or myself. But learning that I can’t fit everything I’d like to onto my schedule is okay. It’s not a race and I will get to it when I have time.

2. Less Comparison

This is probably going to be my biggest challenge. Comparison is inevitable when our time is social media driven and we all have FOMO (fear of missing out). As a naturally competitive person, I am constantly comparing myself to others which leads to negative thinking such as, why a I not good enough? why wasn’t I invited to that invite? why am I not working with that brand? BUT I’m learning to reshape my thoughts and make it healthy competition to strive to use that person as an inspiration or goal. Or just realize that it’s not my time, we all have our own timeline or that that specific brand is looking for something in particular. Also, practicing being grateful reminds me that I have things going for me too.

3. Declutter

Okay, maybe this one is the hardest of them all..

DECLUTTER. I get so many products and clothing on a weekly basis. My wardrobe rule for the year is that as soon as I put something new in, something old has to come out. This will help keep it clutter free. I also just got rid of 4 huge trash bags of clothes so there’s that. Skincare is something that I struggle on decluttering because I want to try everything. However, declutter doesn’t necassarily mean you have to dump ecerything in the trash. That’s one way to do it. But just finding ways of organizing better, storing things where they belong are some helpful ways to make your space seem less cluttered.

4. Save $$$

Okay, if you don’t know by now by all the engagement posts I’ve made on IG, Lupo and I are engaged and planning a wedding.  So we’re taking this money thing very seriously. Not just like hey, I’ll put aside, maybe $100 bucks at the end of the month. But more like, 1/3 of our paycheck is going to our savings, we are discontinuing a few subscriptions and not eating out. Now if you’re trying to do the same, you do not have to go to this extent haha. I’ve adapted little tools to make it a little easier like putting together a spreadsheet of our finances and downloading the Qapital app that helps put aside money and keep it out of sight and out of mind,

5. More intentional posting

Less perfection and more authenticity for 2019. I CANNOT SAY THIS ENOUGH. I am so tired of trying to curate the most perfect photos on IG for only 3% of my following to see and worrying about the damn algorithm. I feel like last year, I became a little lost on who I was and what I ultimately had this platform for which was to inspire and relate to others going through the exact same things, with raw and personal posts. This year, I’m bringing that back and really trying to be more intentional, more resourceful, more relatable with you all. Hope you enjoy it as much I do.

6. Wake up early to enjoy your mornings before work

So I’ve been doing this for about a week now and damn, does it feel good. my days feel longer, I get more than half the things on my to do list, have time to eat, workout and write this blog post. Wow. Why didn’t I start this sooner? That’s right, because my bed is so cozy and sleeping in next to Lupo sounds much more appealing. But no, really. I’ve started filling my mornings with things that fuel my energy like spending time engaging with potential followers, catching up on emails for exciting collaborations, making healthy breakfast, editing photos.

7. Spend more quality time with loved ones –especially family

My parents and siblings are getting older and in the next maybe 5-10 years I’ll be starting a family of my own, 9Crazy to say) But I need to invest quality time with the people that matter the most, with all the electronics down and off. because in all honestly we’re not getting any younger and those memories are the ones that I cherish the most and will look back on one day.

8. Workout daily
Pretty sure this one is on everyone’s resolution list. But I recently, found my love for hot yoga sculpt and it’s made me excited to workout and get in shape and with a wedding around the corner, I’m determined to get in shape and feel confident with my body.

9. More YouTube
I have so many video ideas to share with you but I need to actually put it out there!! I film it and never have the time to go in and edit and upload so 2019 is the year when I set aside a chunk of time one day a week to commit to only editing and the youtube content will begin rollin in, I promise.

10. Stop Apologizing
I was saying sorry way too many times last year, At work, with . my family, with friends. Not in a way were I actually owed an apology but where I was doubtig myself or belittling myself because I didn’t feel confident. I am allowed to speak my truths and share my ideas, without apologizing.

11. Let things go when they don’t go my way or someone doesn’t see eye to eye
This is a very special one that challenges me daily. As a taurus, I’m stubborn as heck. I also have a need to really want people to see things the way I see that, but I;ve realized that there is NO NEED. Why? That’s so much energy, time and stress. Who needs it? Honestly.

What are some of your goals for 2019? I’d love to hear them!



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