Worthy Sephora Sale Picks

April 21, 2020

The Sephora Spring sale is upon us once again! And I’ve rounded up my favorite worthy beauty products for you babes. My Instagram “Skincare,” “Haircare” and “Beauty” highlights have most of my favorites listed but I figured it was a good idea to highlight all of my beauty picks in one place.

The Sephora Sale only happens twice a year and it’s a good time to stock up on any products you may have ran out of or have just been eager to try. The Sephora sale is broken down by your Beauty Insider member standing:
Rouge Members get 20% off between 4/17-5/01
VIB Members get 15% off between 4/21-4/29
Insider Members get 10% off between 4/23-4/27

I’ve specifically highlighted items that I have personally tried and cannot live without. I’ve broken down my beauty faves into 5 categories below. (Skincare, Haircare, Makeup, Shower/Body and Face Masks)

I always say skincare first so I usually prioritize these picks during the Sephora Sale.

If I had to choose just three haircare products for the rest of my life it’d be; dry shampoo, air dry foam and a heat protectant.

So many glowy goodies. But a couple important ones to highlight are the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerize shadow. Best eyeshadow ever. Effortless application for the most beautiful wet eyeshadow look. Obviously can’t live without my Laura Mericer Tinter Moisturizer Either.

I just started investing more on these beauty products and I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner. Here are my shower Sephora Sale picks to elevate your shower experience to another level.


These are more like a treat yourself item but so well worth it. I feel like facemasks have answered a lot of my problems and been an instant pick me up for sure.

& that is all I’ve got for you this season! Did you spot any favorites? Let me know what’s in your Sephora Spring Sale cart!


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