Confidence is key to growing your business and personal life both on and offline. Hear from past clients about their experience working with me in my 1:1 confidence coaching program:

“I had worked with therapists before, but not a life coach that could help me more in my business and feel confident with the leader that I want to become.

Itzy made me realize that the traditional roles were made up by society, and I could redefine what they meant for me. Now I know that I get to make up the rules, I feel a lot more confident to pave a new road for myself.

I think that I needed to work with someone to realize that there’s another way of doing things, and validate that MY way of doing things is right for me.”

Valentina Hernandez Botero, Founder of Sana Skin Studio

“I approached Itzy because I related to her and felt like I could trust her. She really held space for me and helped me think about things differently. We worked through some of my past workplace trauma together, and while it was hard, talking to her felt easy and I always felt good after our calls.

She also made me realize that when we don’t do something that we want to do, or we know is good for us, it can eat away at our confidence because we feel like we let ourselves down. I’ve witnessed that in myself, but now I am able to give myself grace, and I feel more grounded and in tune with myself.

I don’t know how to thank Itzy enough for the work that we’ve been able to do together. I find myself feeling more hopeful about my prospects and my future, whereas before I would describe myself as feeling a little bit powerless. And while there may still be those moments, I feel more in control now. I just needed that extra push, and Itzy has been super helpful in honoring my feelings.” – Elizabeth Rueda, Content Creator + Legal Advocate

“I’m most proud of the clarity I gained on my business and how much more comfortable I feel posting on social media after working with Itzy. She challenged the stories I was telling myself and gave me a different perspective that helped me see my worth, find my confidence and believe that I can have the business and career of my dreams and live the life I want.”

Eileen Rubal, Gut Health Coach, Educator and Content Creator

“Itzy was the first person I came across who does this kind of work, and she felt very authentic to me. I’ve had a lot of female mentors due to the industry I work in, but Itzy felt like a fresh female voice that is different than where I come from, and her perspective was super necessary to me.

Working with her helped me find the balance between being soft and strong, and now I feel authentically confident. In the past, when I wasn’t feeling confident at work, it would trickle over and stress me out in other parts of life. Now with that being relieved, I feel like I can really live in the moment.

She challenged me from the very beginning, which was really important and beneficial to my growth because it helped me question everything and practice voicing myself. Sometimes the push and the friction is how I learn the best, and it’s a unique experience that therapy couldn’t always offer.” – Tiffany Park, Visual Consultant and Fashion Buyer

“Itzy helped me recognize my patterns and guided me to self-trust and confidence. I really was able to admit so many of my deepest inner thoughts that pertain to social media and owning my own business Together we were able to understand and translate these feelings.

Itzy made it so simple for me and I felt comfortable enough to tell her about my feelings and she met me with compassion and complete relatability. It felt like a bubble had popped and I’ve been able to apply the things you taught me to my photography business, my personal life + my relationship with myself.”

Ali Rodriguez, Photographer and CEO of June Soul

“It’s mind-blowing what has happened in the last 12 weeks and still continues to happen and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. I don’t wake up with anxiety or worries anymore like I used to. I can breathe now. Itzy has that gift of having someone like me, a daughter of immigrants, who came in with all the doubts and fears and she created a space for me to heal and trust myself.”

Alma, CEO of Miel Healing, Esthetic Professional and Educator

“Overall, I feel less anxiety and overwhelm when showing up online and no longer deal with imposter syndrome. I now take myself more seriously and am not ashamed of my side hustle and am more unapologetic about what I do.” – Carolina Lozano, Beauty and Wellness Influencer

“Working with Itzy was truly empowering!! She helped me change my perspective on what an influencer could be and encouraged me to build my influencer business in a way that feels in alignment with my values. I love that she challenged but also guided me in areas where I felt uncomfortable such as creating a content calendar, pitching myself to brands, and creating video content.” – Rosalyn Davis, Mindful Living Influencer and Coach

“Itzy helped me overcome my fear of what others think and work through (uncomfortable) emotions. Many have complimented my content and I owe it all to her. She dives into mindset, digs into your creative side while challenging you to show up as your best self.” – Zochi Flores, Jewlery Curator and Small Business Owner

“Working with Itzy was one of the most incredible decisions I made for myself and my community. She helped me work with my fear and doubt. I’m very proud of the confidence I’ve gained. I feel the difference when I show up on Instagram and when I write my captions. I feel like it’s me in there!” – Yuliana Salinas, Online Creator and Storyteller

If you are ready to reconnect with yourself, gain clarity and confidence in your decisions, and build a personal brand and community that feels like home, learn more about my 1:1 coaching program or schedule a clarity call here.

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